Slot Overview of 11 Magical Artifacts

What would you travel back in time to fix if you had the means to do so (a DeLorean or a person named Rufus in a phone box, for example)? Stop wars, spoil the first dates of future tyrants’ parents, and counsel your younger self? If you’re having trouble keeping up with the onslaught of 9 Masks of Fire-style slots, maybe try convincing Gameburger to develop a ‘book of’ slot instead. It seems like every other week, a new variation is introduced. Microgaming partner All41 Studios’ 11 Enchanting Relics increases the mathematical difficulty compared to 9 Masks and includes a few new features.

In terms of overall tone, 11 Enchanting Relics succeeds admirably. It lacks specifics, but perhaps All41 did it on purpose to heighten the intrigue. There appears to be a portal-like device at the room’s center, and in the backdrop is an even stranger contraption. Filtered light and a magically influenced music provide an extra dose of mystery. 11 Enchanting Relics is a great option if you’re looking for a game that takes place in a setting reminiscent to Dumbledore’s office.

The gaming takes place on a five-reel, three-row game panel, and there are twenty-five different paylines available for players to try and win with. Technically speaking, it is better suited to more discerning gamblers than the mass market 9 Masks was designed for since its volatility is strong and its potential is substantially higher than its template slot. Keep an eye out for the RTP, which varies; the optimal version offers a potential return of 96.38 percent. The game may be played on any device with wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€25.

From the leftmost reel, winning combos consist of three or more consecutively appearing identical symbols. The panel features seven different pay symbols: the four lower-paying JA royals, three sand timers, and two rings and books. When five of a kind consist of premium symbols, players can win anywhere from 7.5% to 37.5% of their initial wager. Wild symbols with owl designs award a bonus of 50x the wager for a full payline when they substitute for other symbols.

11 Magical Artifacts: Slot Bonus Rounds

In 11 Enchanting Relics, the scatter rewards are the major draw, but there is also an Epic Pick and free spins with stacked wilds.

Instant Cash for Fascinating Artifacts

Those blue orb-shaped symbols are the Enchanting Relics. In either the main game or the free games, if you get three or more of these symbols anywhere on the grid, you win a cash reward. If the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 appear on the screen, the player will get a payout of 1, 5, 15, 40, 100, 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 times their initial wager, accordingly. All41 has branded this function as their Epic Strike, for whatever reason it may be.

Superior Selection

The Epic Pick bonus round can also be activated at random by landing Enchanting Relic symbols. This function superimposes 15 doors on the screen, each of which must be opened in turn by the player using the mouse. To win a round, you must open a door to expose either an Enchanting Relic symbol or the Special Enchanting Relic sign. The amount won at the conclusion of the feature is based on how many visible Enchanting Relic Symbols there were.

Extra Wilds During Free Spins

Three scatters trigger 10 free games and a payout of 1x the total wager. The quantity of additional wild symbols added to the reels during free spins is determined by a wheel that spins before the feature begins. There are 30, 60, or 100 wilds up for grabs. In addition to the quick cash rewards awarded by the Epic Pick and the Enchanting Relic features, the free spins feature may be retriggered by landing three scatter symbols at any time throughout the bonus round.

11 Magical Artifacts: A Case for Slots

The events in 11 Enchanting Relics feel rather inevitable. Since All41 Studios is a subsidiary of Microgaming, one could have expected them to create a slot game similar to 9 Masks of Fire. Since so many studios have put their own spin on the model, it almost seems like creating at least one is required under the deal with Microgaming. Naturally, this is just speculation. If you like this type of slot machine, you’ll probably enjoy All41’s take on it. It offers a larger than average jackpot, free spins with stacked wilds, and a pick-me bonus round.

Although 9 Masks of Fire seems to be rather popular, I’m curious whether anybody has ever managed to get all 9 scatters to win the 2,000x jackpot. If they have, I can’t seem to find any internet documentation of it. If you wish to pursue larger rewards from a game of a similar kind, 11 Enchanting Relics is a clear winner over 9 Masks. In this game, the maximum payout occurs when 11 Enchanting Relic symbols appear in a winning combination. Even though it was included for dramatic effect, the review’s Epic Pick never led anyplace especially spectacular. But hey, at least it’s something that distinguishes 11 Enchanting Relics from the competition. The more wild symbols during free spins help, too, but does it mean fewer Enchanting Relics and less chances to win money?

Players who are tired with the game’s faux-tribal atmosphere but aren’t ready to give up on the gameplay may find 11 Enchanting Relics to be the perfect solution. It’s the same as 9 Masks of Fire, just more difficult and set in a mystical world. There are 11 Enchanting Relics techniques, but if you’re sick of the whole concept and the never-ending stream of clones, none of them will work.






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