Review of the Fu Chi Slot with Detailed Game Play

RTG debuted the online slot game known as Fu Chi during the tail end of 2017.

The art style, the music, and the symbols all have a decidedly Chinese feel to them, which is made abundantly clear by the title of the game.

The Data Slot

Spindles: 5

Rows: 3

50 different paylines

RTP: 96.00%

Untamed: You Bet!

Free spins, that’s right.

Bonus round: Say no.

Yes, we are progressive

In a mobile device:

Patterns of Slots

The gameboard of the Fu Chi online slot machine is a typical one, consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 paylines, all of which may be adjusted.

The RTP for the game is around 96.00%, and the volatility is set to HIGH.

The smallest possible wager per line is $0.01, and the maximum is $1.00.

The smallest amount that may be wagered each spin is $0.01 for one line, and the maximum is $50.00 for all 50 paylines.

Even on a desktop computer, the animations of the spin appear to be a little bit sluggish, despite the fact that the user interface of the slot machine is themed after a Chinese festival complete with fireworks and other festive elements.

Slot Characteristics

Free Spins: A player is awarded 15, 20, or 30 free spins according on the number of scatter symbols they have obtained (three, four, or five). If there are no wild symbols among the scatter symbols, then the amount of free spins will be increased by a factor of two. During the free spins, every reward will be multiplied by three. Each subsequent trigger adds the same number of additional spins as the initial trigger did.

Wild Symbols: The Wild symbol in this game may stand in for any other sign, including the Scatter symbols. If a winning combination contains a Wild symbol, the value of the awards will be increased by one.

Jackpot Progressive: The progressive jackpot is a prize that can be won at the conclusion of any spin, and its activation is completely at random.

Conclusion and ruling

RTG’s online slot machine called Fu Chi is one of the best games with a Chinese culture-based theme.

The game has a variety of features, such as wilds that can replace scatters, a large number of free spins, which may be doubled if there are no wilds in the combination that triggers them, and a progressive jackpot. All of these elements can be found in the game.

This online slot is one of the most lucrative games that we have ever evaluated due to the fact that all of the rewards you win during your free spins are multiplied by three.

The only real problem is that the user interface isn’t very fluid; when played on a desktop, it feels like there’s a little bit of a delay, but it doesn’t affect gameplay at all.






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