Slot Review: Archangels’ Deliverance

The latest 126 reel slot game from NetEnt, Archangels Salvation, stands out for a variety of reasons. To begin with, this is the first slot machine from NetEnt to include 100 active paylines. It’s easy to understand why it’s so popular… In today’s world of digital slot machines, a six-reel game stands apart. However, there are 12 rows available in the Archangels Salvation slot. This is a visual explosion for the senses, with 72 symbols presented on any given spin.

The Slot Machine, “Archangels: Salvation,” in Greater Depth

Leave the room There’s a fresh conflict between the heavenly and the abysmal, John Milton. We think you’ll find your paradise here if “Marvel Universe meets ancient biblical legend” is your thing.



The slot revolves around a conflict between a good archangel and a bad one. You can think of the top two rows as “heaven” and the bottom two as “hell.” They issue battle orders from their separate strongholds, with each side represented by a wild symbol.


Beautiful visuals complement the slot’s enchanted royal duo of archangels. It’s had a weird layout, with the 12×6 reels jammed in the centre and the two main characters on the sides. If you’re used to playing with fewer, larger symbols, the sheer volume of them on the screen at once may be overwhelming. We found all the activity distracting and a little bit tiring on the eyes. But we became used to it, along with our enormous successes.

Which Characteristics of Archangels Do They Bring?


The “Hot Spot” sections in the top two and bottom two rows of the Archangels Salvation slot are only one of many interactive aspects. When wilds appear in either of these areas, more wilds are distributed throughout the machine. All the wild spitting will be regenerated if new wilds start appearing in one of the “Hot Spots” again.


Often appearing in a 22 size, the wild symbols are a hybrid of a lion and a vulture. Heaven and hell are the only places where stacks and single symbol variants make an appearance, both of which are caused by “Hot Spots.”


If a wild symbol lands in the heaven hot area, you’ll receive either four additional wild stacks or two additional wild stacks, depending on how much of the symbol landed in the hot zone. If a wild symbol lands in a hell hot area, you will receive either 16 single wilds or 8 single wilds. The bonus round will restart if the additional wilds land on the other active positions. There’s the potential for this to carry on for a long time.


Archangels Salvation, as previously noted, is the NetEnt slot with the greatest wagering options. While 100 winning combos are attainable, the sheer number of symbols that might appear in a single spin makes us wonder why there aren’t more.


Archangels: The Slot of Free Spins for Redemption

If you spin three or more scatter symbols, you’ll enter the “free spins” bonus round in Archangels Salvation. Free games are triggered by accumulating scatter symbols during a spin. Here’s how it all works out:


Free Games: 3 Scatters = 10


With 4 Scatters, Get 15 Bonus Spins


Free Games: 5 Scatters, 20 of Them


Free Games: 6 Scatters, Up to 25


The “free spins” feature works similarly to the main game, although with a few aesthetic changes. Both “hot spots” grow by one row, though. Because of this, activating and reactivating the heavenly and hellish qualities becomes far more common.


In a “free spins” round, you cannot earn further free spins.


Added Value Functions

Archangels lacks a traditional bonus game in favor of the game’s in-play Heaven and Hell elements and a standalone “free spins” round. Despite this, the slot never seems barren or uninteresting. Perhaps it would be going too far to add an additional round to this game.


Symbols of Deliverance Archangels

The archangels are the two most valuable emblems. They stack in rows and come in two colors: blue and red lightning.


Two angelic and two demonic pictures make up the medium payment symbols. The two positive symbols are a helmet with wings and a lion, whereas the two negative ones are a hood and a skull.


Diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades make up the low-paying symbols. The first pair is on the side of good, while the second pair is in the fires of hell.


Free Game of Archangels Deliverance

Some online casinos may even let you try out Archangels for free. Casumo is one online casino where you may accomplish this. However, as rules get more stringent, this is happening less frequently. Before shelling out real money, we recommend giving a slot machine a test run to determine whether you enjoy playing it. The expected payout is 96.08%. This is about average, neither extremely low nor too high.


An Overview of the Angels Who Saved Us

The heroes of Archangels: Salvation slot are just as commanding as the game itself. Those triumphs pack a big punch, too. The slot machine has a low frequency of payouts, but when it does, the payout is substantial. Archangels is an extremely volatile slot with a high variance. This slot machine may be ideal for you if you are the kind to take risks and enjoy games with high potential payoffs.



Numerous Pay-Lines

Stacks of significant signs

Countless other useful functions


No Multipliers Can Be Found

No more free spins will be awarded.






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