Free Squeeze Math Spreadsheet

In SplitSuit’s video “Straightforward Presses” he presented and utilized a strong bookkeeping sheet that he made. The bookkeeping sheet improves on various computations for you, including the breakeven % given your press size, the breakeven % given comparable crush measures, a basic unique versus continuation range crease rate, and the normal overlap % when there are various reprobate’s included. Before you investigate your next press hand away from the table, download this straightforward device and use it to save a monstrous piece of time.

This accounting sheet offers the greater part of the numerical computations that are essential while feign pressing. Whether it’s a semi-feign with A9s or an unadulterated feign with a hand like T6o, it’s vital to know how frequently you can anticipate that your rivals should crease preflop. On the off chance that they overlap frequently enough, you ought to feign a lot of the time… and sinking this calculation sheet into your mind (through steady utilization), will assist you with tracking down more +EV open doors.

Go ahead and download and use* this accounting sheet for your own investigation. Assuming that you have any inquiries, or need any assistance with it, kindly first counsel the video. In the event that you are as yet uncertain, simply post a remark underneath or in the discussions!


Searching for some beginning data with regards to feign presses? Begin with this video:

* Red Chip Poker LLC and SplitSuit LLC have given a valiant effort to vet and test the exactness of this bookkeeping sheet yet can’t ensure wonderful outcomes or result. If it’s not too much trouble, make a point to test and adjust the calculation sheet prior to utilizing it, and comprehend that any progressions to the equations can break the bookkeeping sheet usefulness. Likewise, note that this device is just for off-table use and ought not be utilized during meetings.






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